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Videx intercom systems are the most popular add-on to our standard gate automation kits.  We offer a range of intercom systems to suit every application, and the technical assistance required to get you up and running.

Audio and Video intercoms can be supplied ‘stand alone’ or combined with a digital entry pad.  These digipads allow access upon entry of the correct 4 and 5 figure code.

Audio Intercoms and Digipads

The 3K 1S is the most popular audio intercom.

This well built unit is supplied with a weather shield.  The 3K 1S will run with a maximum of three telephone handsets and represents excellent value for money.

Videx TWK Audio Intercom – Easy wiring

As above but simplified to use just two cores.  The ultimate in easy wiring with the added bonus of a digital call tone.

Videx DK 1S Digiphone:

Combined audio intercom and digipad.

The DK 1S combines a high quality audio intercom with the robust VX800 digital entry pad in a single, neat with a wrap around weather shield.

The keypad is illuminated for night time use.

The system will run up to three separate telephone handsets.

Videx – Additional Telephone Handsets:

Additional telephone handsets can be added to Videx audio intercoms.  A majority or audio systems will take up to three telephones which are wired inn series and can be situated as required.

Video Intercoms and Digipads

Videx VK 6 Video Intercom:

This is a high quality ‘mono’ video intercom system.

The VK6 offers excellent sound and picture quality and an IR assisted camera for high performance in very low light.  Not to be confused with budget video kits, the VK6 is a  high end product that will give years of reliable service.

Kit includes weather shield for exposed positions.

Additional monitors (maximum 3) can be added to expand the system.

Videx VK C 6 Videophone:

Combined video intercom and digipad.

Combining the excellent VK6 video intercom system (above) with a VX800 digital entry pad.  The optimum in security and functionality in a single weather protected case.

Videx durability and longevity of service comes as standard.

Videx VX 800:

The VX 800 is a robust design with a smart appearance.

A full metal casing and weather shield protect from the environment and misuse.

The keypad is illuminated for night time use and an LED display confirms acceptance of the correct code.  Two separate relays allow a pulse contact with one code and a latched contact with another, thus permitting a ‘hold open’ command with its own separate code.

The VX digipads are available as stand alone units or built in to both audio and video intercom systems.

VX 800: 2 input codes & 2 switching relays

VX 900: 60 input codes & 2 switching relays

Diracom Dect – Wireless Intercom

This high quality wire free digital intercom uses high end components to give clear sound quality over a 100mtr range.

Using digital telephone handsets and proven telecom technology the Diracom system offers the best quality wireless intercom available.

Diracom GSM

The Diracom GSM will call your existing phone system, allowing you to speak with the caller and operate automated doors and gates from your current telephone handset.

The system is completely wireless. There is no cabling between the entrance and the building and no cabling or additional intercom handsets within the building.

Your system is simply uploaded with your desired phone number(s), installed at the entrance and switched on.

Up to six separate telephone numbers can be called making the system useful for entrances serving multiple properties or allowing a single user to have the system call landline numbers at home or work, or a mobile number wherever you may be. In all cases the telephone that receives the call can be used to operate the gate/door from any location. A choice of front panels in steel or aluminium is available to suit your application.

Why go wireless?

No trenches or cables to run across your grounds – whatever the distance. Therefore avoiding costly excavations and disturbance of your property. No cables to run within the building or unsightly intercom handsets in hard to choose positions. The system calls your existing telephones.

What will i do?

Multi way call panels can handle up to six separate telephone numbers/properties (including mobiles). A dial in feature allows you to call in to you system and operate gates/doors from anywhere. A two call button station for a single property allows the caller to contact separate numbers if one is engaged or unanswered. A maximum of six separate relays (including a latching contact) can be operated using your existing telephone handset to control the same number of functions, eg doors, gates, lighting etc.

How does it work?

It is a fixed cellular link, i.e: A stand alone telephone using a standard SIM card. The SIM card is programmed with the numbers you require it to call prior to the unit being supplied. The call button at the entrance rings your phone and you use your existing telephone keypad to open the gate/door.

Keeping the intercom live

The unit will be supplied with a PAYG SIM card. Check that the SIM card is suitable for the site in question. This card can be kept in credit either on line, over the telephone or by direct debit. Intercom conversations are generally very short, just a few seconds to establish the identity of the caller, keeping running costs of these units very low.

Network coverage and achieving a good signal

It is essential that the site requiring the intercom has good network coverage if the unit is to function clearly and reliably. The best network for the site should be established by the user or installer and the correct SIM card installed. To optimise the signal received , the unit must be located away from electrical Interference and the antenna provided must be mounted in an elevated position.